IVM Technologies partakes in Velella R&D project for Floating Offshore Wind

IVM Technologies is thrilled to announce it is participating in the €5.1m Velella collaborative research and development project implemented by ADEME; the French Agency for Ecological Transition. The project aims to reduce the environmental impact of floating wind turbines, whilst increasing their reliability. The Velella project aims to bring together multiple innovative technologies and methods to prepare for the deployment of commercial floating wind projects under the best economic, social, and environmental conditions.

IVM Technologies is delighted to be one of a number of industrial and academic actors, including BW Ideol (project leader), Centrale Nantes, the OPEN-C Foundation, Ifremer, ENSTA Bretagne that are involved in the three phased project.

IVM Technologies involvementThis ambitious initiative aims to revolutionize the offshore wind energy industry by developing floating wind turbines that harness the full power of the open seas. However, the unique challenges associated with the inspection and maintenance of these floating structures call for advanced technologies that can overcome the constraints posed by harsh marine environments. As a key contributor to this endeavor, IVM Technologies brings its expertise in photogrammetry to the forefront, providing innovative inspection capabilities for the maintenance and optimization of these floating wind turbines. IVM Technologies is rising to the occasion, leveraging the power of photogrammetry to revolutionize the way these turbines are inspected and monitored.

The following link https://www.bw-ideol.com/en/launch-velella-rd-project-aiming-reducing-environmental-impact-floating-wind-turbines will give interested parties more information n regarding the Velella project.

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