Why renting ?

Making an investment in cutting-edge technologies can often be a complex decision. That’s why we offer the possibility to rent our subsea inspection solutions, allowing you to either try it out, answer a spot job or just have a spare with you.

Our rental systems are tailor-made for :

Spot Inspections

Do you require short-term underwater inspections ? Our rental systems are perfectly suited for targeted and time-sensitive inspections.

 Prior to committing to an investment, utilize our rental solutions to delve into the capabilities and advantages of underwater photogrammetry.

Preliminary Exploration


Our rental offering provides the necessary flexibility to choose a rental duration that suits you, without the burden of a long-term commitment.

IVM Technologies offers a comprehensive range of rental units, catering to your specific underwater inspection needs. 

HYDO 300 System :


Ideal for shallow-depth inspections, this system offers exceptional resolution and precision for reliable results.

HYDRO 1000 System :

HYDRO 1000

Perfect for depth inspection needs, this system provides extended reach while maintaining exceptional imaging quality.

HYDRO 3000 System :

HYRO 3000

Designed for deep-water inspection missions, this system delivers unparalleled visibility and comprehensive coverage for thorough inspection results.

In need of personnel ? We have the right solution

IVM Technologies has a network of independant trained personnel for subsea photogrammetry projects. Contact us for references and plan you upcoming job.

Rent Now for Successful Underwater Inspections

Reach out to us today to learn more about our rental offerings and how they can cater to your specific requirements.

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