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3D reconstruction through high accuracy photogrammetry provides an unmatched level of true rendering when inspecting any asset. Using high quality image stills, IVM Series products will deliver an accurate 3D reconstruction on any inspection job.

Pre-calibrated and fast inspections

Using a synchronized multi-sensor configuration, IVM series are all precalibrated.
Say goodbye to scale bars installation and recovery.
Save time and money on every inspection job.

Easy to use

Ever felt like photogrammetry was a bit complex ? We put a lot of R&D, engineering and passion in making the IVM Series ergonomic. Surveyors, ROV and drone pilots can use this technology with confidence.
All our offers include initial training and in the end, it is just about taking pictures.

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Unmatched accuracy
< 1 mm

There is a difference between thinking your equipment could be accurate and knowing you will meet the tolerance you need to complete your project. IVM Series products have a long track record on mutliple applications where we tested their limits. Go ahead with high end dimensional control and metrologies, our products are true game changers.

HYDRO 300 kit photogrammetry

End to end solution – hardware, software and training

Each high resolution sensor comes with a surface control unit and a separate processing unit engineered to provide an accurate 3D model as quickly as possible. We even included a photogrammetry software with IVM processing modules.
First time with photogrammetry ? We provide comprehensive high quality trainings to make your team autnomous in a few days.

One platform
rule them all

Using common internal components, we engineered different solutions to fit a wide range of applications. From deep water to high altitudes, you will always get the same high accuracy 3D reconstruction.
Need to integrate other sensors ? IVM series can receive and synchronize external data to extend your possibilities.

Real Time 3D

Real time 3D reconstruction will always make sure you complete the job as per plan. No more standby while checking for data. Just survey, pack and go.

Discover our IVM SLAM, a real time 3D modeling solution that will help you optimize every single survey.

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Discover the Future of Underwater Inspection

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