Photogrammetry processing training program

Since the beginning of 2022, IVM Technologies has seen a high interest in our photogrammetry training program, this not only includes training in the operation and maintenance of our world leading subsea photogrammetric Hydro range, but also includes training in the processing of the data.

To date our training has prioritised clients that have purchased our equipment, however 2023 has seen an increase in companies looking for an overview of photogrammetry as the first step to engaging in this evolving sector or to enable them to QC third party services. In the first 6 months of 2023 we have hosted two clients from China, and one from the UK and the third week in May saw us train a client that would be renting the equipment.

We have also trained personnel on live jobs and are preparing for a training program in Japan in Q3 of this year.

So, whether you are an existing customer with new recruits that require training; a potential customer that wants to prepare your staff for a future purchase or rental project or want to QC third parties, get in touch with us to discuss your training requirement.


Training session

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