3D inspection solution for shallow waters

The HYDRO 300 is a light, compact and cost effective solution for shallow water 3D reconstruction inspections. Precalibrated like all IVM Series, it works independently from any navigation aid. The Integrated lighting allows you to deploy it in any evironment, even in high turbidity waters. A multi-industry inspection tool that can be deployed by any ROV or diver.

Max depth


Size and weight

226x338x288 mm
11.2kg in air
2.2kg in water


48VDC (110VAC optional)

Submillimetric accuracy

no scale bars

Real time 3D

High turbidity compatible

Diver kit available with subsea monitor

Fits all ROVs (observation, inspection, work class)

IVM-Technologies product Hydro 300

What for ?

Offshore shallow water structures, mooring chain inspections, coastal civil assets, hull inspections, lakes and dams insfrastructures. Whether you work from a vessel or the quay side, this kit is for you. Any ROV will carry it (BlueRov kit available) and we even have a diver kit to fit all trades.

IVM-Technologies Hydro 300 series

The HYDRO 300 is your choice if you work in:

  • Environnement
    • Shallow water (down to 300m)
  • Markets
    • Offshore energies
      Ship inspections
    • Civil Engineering
      Lake and Dam inspections
  • Deployment
    • All ROVs
    • Diving


  • L x W x h
    • 226 x 338 x 288 mm
  • Weight in air
    • 11.2 kg
  • Weight in water
    • 2.2 kg
  • Housing Material
    • Aluminium


  • Power
    • 19VDC to 75VDC (300W)
      110VAC optional
  • Data
    • 1 Gb/s


  • type
    • 4 strobe lights
  • flux
    • 75 000 lumen


  • Max depth
    • 300m (tested)
  • Temperature
    • 0 to 40°C
  • ROV Class
    • Observation, Inspection, Work
  • Diver
    • Compatible

Sensors and processor

  • Size
    • 1″
  • Resolution
    • 24M px
  • Field of view (V/ H)
    • 63.8° / 79.2°
  • Processor
    • 32 Gb
  • Embeded data storage
    • 2 Tb

Specifications and downloads

IVM HYDRO 300 GVI WORK CLASS photogrammetry


  • Hydro 300 Brochure(.pdf)
  • Hydro 300 drawings (.pdf)
  • Hydro 300 3D model (.stp)